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Adam, Harriet & Aurora May

Creators & Owners of Align Costa Rica & Align Spa 

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Our goal is to share the life and love that we've created here in Costa Rica and provide memorable, feel good, home away from home experiences for our guests.

About Each of Us

Adam Lanka

Co-leader of the Lanktuary, sacred space technician, energy rebalancing wizard, exceptional husband and father, and a wise guide for learning how to live peacefully in the now.

Adam has a long & meaningful road that brought him into his healing work. Along with being a natural empath & academic scholar, Adam survived a near death experience in Costa Rica in 2009, that enabled him to undergo a process of complete transformation and reevaluation of his life and priorities.  What grew was a heightened awareness of purpose and a desire to build a life full of possibility in Costa Rica.

Adam’s educational background includes but is not limited to quantum mechanics and high-energy astrophysics at Duke University, Slim Spurling’s Light Life Technology, the Eastern energy discipline Johrei, Egyptian Achemy, Amazonian Shamanism, Buddhism, Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Chakra Clearing, crystal vibration and color therapy.  He seamlessly combines his diversified education along with his natural Empath abilities in a Rebalance Session, enabling you to open and experience your self and your life more expansively.


Here are a few facts about Adam (seen through the eyes of his wife):


  • Adam is one of the most kind & gentle men out there.

  • Adam plays basketball like he means it.

  • Adam has a way of showing you what you need to see, but in a gentle and timely way.

  • Adam is patient.

  • Adam is funny.

  • Adam is adaptable, in that he can hang with almost any audience and fit right in.

  • Adam is an incredible husband.

  • Adam can change your life, because he certainly changed mine.

  • Adam is one of the most powerful healers I have ever met.


Whether through a healing session, a conversation with him or hearing his contagious laugh, time with Adam Lanka is a breath of fresh air.


Now it’s up to you to channel the power and direction of your new breath, as transformation is only possible if there is first the desire to see yourself more clearly and vibrantly.


Peace be the journey


Harriet Lanka

Student, Teacher, wife, mother, writer, space holder, business owner, yoga teacher, massage therapist, energy tuner, & storyteller.

You would think that a section called "Meet Harriet" would be easy to create, however it often feels like I've lived so many different lives, and have so many out of the box lessons to share, that I wonder where to start 


One of my favorite things is meeting and connecting with people who are interested in going a little deeper, getting past small talk, and into the stories of their growth and transformation. So as one of your heart-centered guides, I'll share some of that energy here with you. 


  • I was born August 7, 1977 in Dallas Texas, grew up in Park City, Utah and now live in Potrero, Costa Rica with my husband Adam, our daughter Aurora, 5 dogs and 3.5 cats (the .5 is for "Negro" who is still trying to adopt us)​

  • I love dogs, often more than humans.  I've been a 1 dog girl since I was 19, and I've had 2 dog soul mates in my life journey thus far.  Sadie and Zona. I lost Zona unexpectedly to Tick Fever on the "dog full moon" of April 2016.​

  • I used to just describe myself as a strong-willed Leo, but recently I dove into astrology and learned a whole new language.  Not only am I a Leo, but I'm a Virgo rising and Taurus Moon, which offers so much wisdom and insight into my journey.​

  • I'm also a Projector when it comes to Human Design, if you're into that sort of thing.  I'm married to a Generator and our daughter is a Reflector.  Powerful stuff. ​

  • I am a gifted healer when I choose to be, and it expresses itself through conversation, massage, energy work, teaching yoga and creating and holding sacred space in me, around me and in my businesses.​

  • I own a day spa & wellness center in Park City, Utah named the Align Spa and it has a rockstar team that runs the show while we're operating its sister healing projects, the Lanktuary and Heart & Flow Yoga.​

  • I believe my life has been a journey of healing, re-membering. I experienced a traumatic brain injury and near death experience from a car accident when I was 16 and that set me on path of being a highly sensitive person (HSP).  Yes, that's a thing.  I'm incredibly sensitive to tastes, touch, smells and people's energy, and I channel this sensitivity into how I live and operate every aspect of my life.  ​

  • I gave birth to an incredible little girl on March 8th, 2018 at 4:06pm.  Her name is Aurora May Lanka and she is and will continue to be my greatest teacher and reason I want to be a better version of myself each day.

  • I believe in love and I'm healing myself to live that in my daily life.​

  • I've lived a colorful life full of emotion, all of which I'm doing my best to heal, and I share this journey in my book, BeingHarriet. I don't know what reading it will be like, but writing these stories has been like a calling back of places where I left pieces of myself in my life.  And a lot of those holes weren't filled with love or positivity. But writing about what happened in my life has given me permission to heal it, and share that journey.  I'm excited for its release, whenever that turns out to be.

So that's a bit about me, and you already read up on Adam, so if you choose to come to Costa Rica, I look forward to spending some time together on and off the yoga mat.


Much love,



Aurora May Lanka

Free spirit & adored daughter of Adam & Harriet

Aurora May Lanka was born in Liberia, Costa Rica on March 8th, 2018 at 4:06pm, forever changing the lives of us, her parents.

Parenthood is a daily ceremony of the now and a call to be our best selves in the face of whatever the day brings with the unpredictable world of being a parent.

Part of staying with us at the Lanktuary is being a witness to our journey with Aurora and our goal of raising her with awareness, mindfulness & light.

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